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Projected Timeline


December 2018 - May 2019
With our updated software, we will carry out a second, larger deployment.


September - November 2018
Using the data collected during the initial pilot and feedback from co-design, we will move from prototype to a robust mobile application. We will develop a fully-functional Android app that does data collection, analysis, and visualization. Prelimary models of disease prediction will be further refined.


June - August 2018
Using the insights gained through co-design and the initial pilot, we developed a high-fidelity prototype of the mobile application. We are currently conducting user interviews and co-design with ASHAs in Delhi to ensure that visualizations are appropriate.


February - May 2018
Our initial pilot was conducted in Delhi, India. We worked with 5 frontline health workers or Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) in an area at high risk of disease, to collect data from 600 households. We also conducted further interviews and co-design using the low-fidelity prototypes with 17 ASHAs.


January 2018
We developed a high-fidelity initial mobile prototype for conducting data collection. We also developed low-fidelity paper and digital prototypes for data visualization.


May 2016 - December 2017
We conducted ethnography in a semi-urban area of Delhi and interviewed doctors, frontline health workers, and patients in private and government clinics and in slums. Chitra is the result of the analysis of this data and a deep understanding of healthcare needs and existing infrastructure.

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