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About us

We are a group of researchers and engineers passionate about community development, technology, and public health. We are working on developing technology that can help communities and health providers make data-driven health decisions.

Our Model


Data Collection

We build upon open source data collection tools such as ODK and Local Ground to allow for customized data collection. The collected data is fed into our data analysis pipeline.


Disease Prediction and Tracking

Our disease prediction algorithms help identify communities that are at risk of disease and the underlying factors that may be responsible for the threat.



We present user-friendly insights to health providers such as doctors and frontline health workers, and policy makers to help them make data-driven decisions.

Our Vision

We believe that the future of healthcare lies in communities taking an active role in making health decisions. Chitra, which means "representation" in Sanskrit, is our effort to help build and make available a picture of a community's health to the community, healthcare providers, and policy makers.


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